Chicago Location Greenfielded in 2015 Grows AUA by $2.35 Billion in 7 Years

September 13, 2022

Office Snapshot

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Chicago Office Sees Rapid Growth in Seven Years

Keith Plywaczynski was advising on $250 million at his previous firm, where he was responsible for new client relationships. In 2015, he approached Mariner Wealth Advisors about joining our firm and opening a Chicago office. A second location was added, and the combined locations have over 50 associates managing more than $2.6B AUA.1 Prior to joining the firm, Plywaczynski’s client list was growing, and he needed more daily operational support so he could focus on building relationships with those clients.

Challenges Plywaczynski Faced

  • Spending too much time on back-office logistics instead of on his expanding client roster
  • Juggling too many roles, such as compliance officer, which made less time for clients
  • Lack of infrastructure support also meant less time to build new client relationships

Why Plywaczynski Chose Mariner Wealth Advisors

  • Support from advisory solutions teams including tax, estate planning, trust services, insurance and investments
  • Access to back-office logistical support including operations, marketing, compliance and technology
  • Additional support from business development, regulatory compliance and human resources
  • Ability to advance his career—after running the Chicago office for several years and seeing tremendous growth, Plywaczynski was promoted to national managing director, wealth consulting. While he still serves his clients, he is leading the firm’s organic growth efforts and strategy, including referral partner programs, corporate offerings and more.

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in my career—my team and I have experienced a significant growth trajectory,” Plywaczynski said. “It’s a national firm, giving us the ability to take care of clients in a nuanced way that feels more like a smaller firm.”


Keith Plywaczynski, CFP®

National Managing Director, Wealth Consulting

We Give Advisors Time Back to Focus on Clients

Support from in-house teams gives wealth advisors the freedom to focus on their clients and business growth. Individual relationships are typically where the plans are created—when those conversations and one-on-one meetings suffer, the bottom line can, too. Plywaczynski and many other wealth advisors have found that being part of the Mariner Wealth Advisors family gives them freedom to focus on the most important connections while leaving the logistical details to the firm’s support team. Plywaczynski said the level of support he has received has been a game changer.

We Help Make the Transition Seamless

When advisors transition from one firm to another, naturally they are hoping to retain 100% of their clients. Because Mariner Wealth Advisors has a time-tested onboarding process, it helps to create a seamless service experience for clients, which in turn helps with retention.

“Mariner Wealth Advisors has experience and perspective to guide the process,” Plywaczynski said.

“During the transition, I felt fully supported. This included support and insight from other market leaders who had already gone through the transition.”

Our Transition Process

  • Experienced practice management and operations specialists walk your team step by step through the transition.
  • Dedicated service teams at several major custodians support you and your clients through the onboarding process.
  • 100% of Mariner Wealth Advisors’ tools, resources and back-office support, such as compliance, marketing and IT, are made available on day one.
  • On your first day as part of the Mariner Wealth Advisors family, human resources will take over your benefits and compensation administration, payroll/time reporting, compliance/risk mitigation, recruiting and associate onboarding, performance management, training and development, records retention and terminations/offboarding.
  • Also on your first day, operations will begin handling tasks such as trading, billing, reporting and more.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

At Mariner Wealth Advisors, we believe the key to successful wealth management is relationships, which is one of the reasons why we provide the support from experienced teams to allow these connections to grow.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to build your business strategically, we offer different paths designed to fit your growth goals and values. Our client-first mission drives everything we do, so if that’s your priority, too, consider joining the Mariner Wealth Advisors family.


1As of 6/30/22. Assets and AUA totals include a combination of assets under management and assets under advisement is not meant to represent regulatory assets under management. The total represents AUA from Oakbrook and Brookfield, Illinois. Please see Form ADV filings for specific information on regulatory assets under management.

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