Your Life at Mariner Wealth Advisors
More than likely, your life at Mariner Wealth Advisors will be quite different than your day-to-day life at your current firm. At Mariner Wealth Advisors, you have one responsibility: Focus on and retain your clients. The rest is taken care of by a carefully selected group of associates who specialize in areas such as business development, tax, risk management, estate planning, operations, human resources, and more…it’s the Mariner Wealth Advisors way.
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Your Life Now

Your Life at Mariner Wealth Advisors

Spend 20+ hours a week cultivating new prospects. Your focus is working with existing clients while our Business Development Officers solely focus on bringing in new clients, matching them with the advisor that fits the prospect’s needs.
Spend 10-15+ hours a week staying up-to-date on new tax laws, estate planning and risk management. When you’re an advisor at Mariner Wealth Advisors, you are not alone. You have a team of experienced tax, estate and trust, and risk management professionals you can call on to help meet your clients’ needs. Many of these services are at no extra expense to the client, and they are all under one roof.
Spend 5-10+ hours a week being the compliance officer for your office to ensure the items you are sharing with clients and prospects are compliant. We have an entire compliance team whose sole focus is making sure advisors and the company as a whole follow all SEC guidelines and regulations.
Spend 30+ hours each quarter running performance reports and client billing. Our operations department handles all quarterly reporting and billing. They are responsible for working with custodians, daily trades and much more.
Spend 10-15+ hours a month on new technology, troubleshooting IT issues.

Our robust IT department, including a Help Desk, takes care of outfitting all associates with proper technology and trouble shoots any issues.

Spend 15-20+ hours each month interviewing new associate candidates. Recruiters at Mariner Wealth Advisors strive to attract top talent for your office as they partner with you on a thorough recruiting strategy, from sourcing the right candidates to onboarding.
Spend 10+ hours a week developing sales sheets, advertisements, writing white papers and more. Each month, the marketing team creates sales sheets, articles and whitepapers for you to utilize with clients. All are available on the Advisor Toolkit. In addition, marketing drives centralized, monthly communication to clients.
Spend 5-10+ hours a week setting up new clients in your back-office system, making sure they have signed their paperwork correctly, assets have been transferred, etc. Your Client Service Associates, who are part of your team, set new clients up in the system and work with them to get the paperwork and assets.
Spend whatever time you have left in the week taking calls from and meeting with existing clients. Spend your time helping your clients reach their financial goals.