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As an independent advisor, you may feel like you’re this close to having the business of your dreams, but something is holding you back. Maybe it’s technology integration or you spend too much time interacting with your broker-dealer or custodian. Maybe you want access to higher quality educational opportunities. or connect and be challenged by other high-caliber independent advisors. If this sounds familiar, then Mariner Independent can help.

Our primary goal is to be the foundation for your independent practice. At Mariner Independent, we built our business model around preserving and strengthening your independence and letting your entrepreneurial spirit thrive. We partner with you, and our services aim to help you meet the sophisticated needs of your clients while adding real value to your broker-dealer and custodial relationships. We offer you the opportunity to leverage our resources, join in advocacy, and tap into our experience to expand your business and strengthen your voice within the industry.

In addition, we offer support related to designing wealth plans that include tax, estate, trust, investments and insurance strategies and solutions to help your clients meet their goals. And, as a Mariner Independent advisor, you can access our professionally managed model portfolios, as well as equity, fixed income, options, direct indexing SMAs, and private investments to construct diversified client portfolios.

Why Independent Advisors Choose Us

JoinMWA Advisor Support

Advisor-Centered Approach

A personalized collaboration and accountability plan designed for your unique business model and a thorough discovery helps us understand your goals. We bring a commitment to communication, education and innovation, which fosters clarity and consistency for your team.

JoinMWA Back-Office Support

Extensive Capabilities

Work with specialized teams committed to business development and consulting, operations and compliance. In addition, transitions support, technology solutions and back-office infrastructure allow you and your team to focus on client needs.

JoinMWA Revenue

Robust Menu of Services

Our services focus on six key areas integral to the daily operations and long-term firm sustainability. Whether you’re looking to implement a marketing plan, use research to save time, or recruit advisors to your team, we provide you with the knowledge, resources and expertise you need.

JoinMWA Relationships

Culture And Relationships

Our highly responsive and accessible staff holds itself accountable to finding solutions for your needs while peer-to-peer idea sharing, and educational opportunities build camaraderie and a community of advocacy.

JoinMWA Investments

A Variety of Investment Solutions

Access our professionally managed model portfolios, as well as equity, fixed income, options, direct indexing SMAs, and private investments to construct diversified client portfolios.

Our Advisors Say it Best

My affiliation allows me to deliver a boutique experience for my clients, serving as a true fiduciary, backed by institutional thought leadership and support.
Giti Khalsa, Founder, Pace Wealth Advisors

I could make more of an impact with my clients and pursue my business plan the way I wanted to, with a supportive team around me to help make it happen.
Lizz Schneider, Founder, Infinity Wealth Company

“I am able to help this family in ways I could have only imagined at my prior firms.”
Rehan Chaudhry, Partner Advisor, AdvicePeriod

“My motivation to leave my firm was rooted in my belief that the old way of doing business would not work in the future.”
Dan Legault,
Partner Advisor, AdvicePeriod

Is Mariner Independent Right for You?

What is MPS

Our service model includes six areas of focus plus a robust investment offering to help you effectively build and support your thriving business.

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