Acquisition Transition Experience

Finding the Right Fit 

As we talk to  firms  about joining the Mariner family, we want to make sure it’s a right fit for you, for us, and, most importantly, for your clients. What is our number one criteria when evaluating the fit? Culture! At Mariner Wealth Advisors, the client always comes first. If something isn’t right for the client, we simply will not do it. We look to partner with advisors who share that client-first approach. 

Confidence in Your Decision 

Deciding to partner with a firm, regardless of the capacity, is a big decision. We have created a series of events to help you learn more about us as a firm, our offerings for you and your clients and our expectations—with the goal of helping you feel confident in your decision.  

Meet our Leaders & Share Your Goals

When you meet with our leaders, you will not only hear the story of Mariner Wealth Advisors, but you will be asked to share your story too.  This session is designed to learn about your goals and how partnering with our firm can have the proverbial 1+1 = 3, or more.

JoinMWA Relationships

Experience A
Mariner Day  

We’ve developed a full day for you to meet the leaders of the firm, including those in charge of organic growth, practice management and our back-office functional departments. It’s a prime opportunity to learn about the resources available, the teams who are here to support you and the path that lies ahead for you and your clients. 

JoinMWA Advisor Support

Dedicated Support Through Closing

After you have decided to join the Mariner family, our dedicated corporate development and strategy team will walk you through the deal closing process so there are no surprises, leading to a seamless transition.

Guided Integration to Becoming Part of Mariner

Our dedicated team will walk you through the integration process, a phase we call “Becoming Mariner.” This includes client communication, public relations, and collaborating with each of our internal teams to fulfilling your needs so you can hit the ground running on day one. 

The Transition Experience

Below is an example of what a transition timeline may look like for a firm joining Mariner Wealth Advisors. Our integration timelines are uniquely created based on your situation.


    1. Exclusivity

    • Execute binding letter of intent with agreed-upon purchase price

    2. Diligence

    • Kick-off call
    • Long form due diligence
    • Negotiate asset purchase agreement
    • Weekly discussions

    3. Signing

    • Execute purchase agreement

    4. Becoming Mariner Wealth Advisors

    • Kick-off call
    • Client communication and consent process
    • Leadership onsite, including HR onboarding preparation, management meeting, firm-wide welcome and 1:1s
    • Becoming Mariner Wealth Advisors sessions
    • Introductions to and communication with all back office teams
    • Onboarding and integration plan development and implementation
    • Press release (as permissible, at agreed-upon date)

    5. Closing

    • Execute ancillary purchase agreement documentation
    • Purchase price payment and escrow funding

    6. Day One as Mariner Wealth Advisors

    • Employment effective date
    • Registrations with Mariner Wealth Advisors, as applicable
    • Client agreement effective date, as permissible
    • Signage for marketing day 1
    • Website and email redirect
    • Access to Box and Workplace
    • Training and support

    7. Transition & Integration

    • Continued training and support
    • Phased integration
    • MarinerWeek
    • Introduction to advisory solutions, practice management and organic growth
    • Thrive at Mariner Wealth Advisors!
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