Advisor Transition Experience

Finding the Right Fit

As we talk to advisors like you about joining the Mariner family, we want to make sure it’s a right fit for you, for us and, most importantly, for your clients. What is our No. 1 criteria when evaluating the fit? Culture! At Mariner Wealth Advisors, the client always comes first. If something isn’t right for the client, we simply will not do it. We look to partner with advisors who share that client-first approach.

Confidence in Your Decision

Deciding to change firms is a big decision that can appear intimidating. That’s why Mariner Wealth Advisors has created an onboarding process that provides the guidance you need to feel prepared. Your dedicated program manager will partner with you to ensure a seamless transition so that you can get back to doing what you do best: serving your clients.

Meet Your Leader

We want you to not only feel the Mariner values are the right fit, but also that you’re excited about your team. Prior to accepting an offer, you will meet with your leader for them to get to know you and for you to ask questions of them. This session is designed to learn about the team and how they can help you achieve your goals.

JoinMWA Relationships

Legal Guidance and Support

Our internal legal team will provide guidance on appropriate resignation and transition practices and will be available to answer your questions to remove any uncertainty as it pertains to your exit.

JoinMWA Advisor Support

Dedicated Paperwork Support

You will be assigned a dedicated customer support associate to assist with the necessary custodial paperwork to open accounts as permitted. They will work with you closely to ensure a great client experience with minimal interruption.

Guided Integration to Becoming Part of Mariner

After your start date, the program manager will have weekly check-ins with you to ensure all your questions are answered. Also, your leader will walk you through our wealth advisor onboarding playbook. This playbook is designed to quickly assimilate you into Mariner and give you the foundation you’ll need to successfully serve clients and convert prospective clients.

Hear More From Our Advisors

With the support I received from Mariner’s investment team, it was an easy transition in terms of having the conversation with my former clients.”


Rachel Vivian

Senior Wealth Advisor

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“You’re busy, you’re bringing new clients over and getting accustomed to some new systems, and you have an incredibly supportive team behind you.”


Michael Horne

Managing Director, Senior Wealth Advisor

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The Transition Experience

Below is an example of what a transition timeline may look like for an advisor joining Mariner Wealth Advisors. Our integration timelines are uniquely created based on your situation.


    1. Getting Started

    • NDA/diligence
    • Initial discussions
    • Employment agreement review
    • Introduction to market leader

    2. Offer Phase

    • Obtain opinion of counsel, if necessary
    • Mariner Wealth Advisors employment offer

    3. Transition Preparation

    • Kickoff call and onboarding discussions
    • Introduction to support team
    • Determine critical dates, Mariner Wealth Advisors contact information and office location
    • IT equipment provided to your home or Mariner Wealth Advisors office
    • Biography prepared for Mariner Wealth Advisors website
    • Market leader engaged for local support
    • U4 registration prepared

    4. Day 1 as Mariner Wealth Advisors

    • HR onboarding/Mariner Wealth Advisors U4 registration submitted
    • IT, operations and marketing training and support
    • Relocation to Mariner Wealth Advisors office, if applicable
    • Mariner Wealth Advisors website updated to include biography and location
    • Announcements through social media and local media, if applicable
    • Dedicated client service support
    • Client account papering process, if/as permissible

    5. Transition Phase

    • Traditional onboarding including HR and compliance onboarding/additional training
    • Continued IT and operational support, as needed
    • Continued, dedicated client service support
    • Continued account papering process, if/as permissible
    • Connection to local and regional leadership
    • Weekly check-ins with CD&S, legal and transitions

    6. Transition Complete

    • Full integration into local, regional and HQ systems and processes
    • Initiate wealth advisor onboarding playbook with market leader
    • Connection to advisory solutions and back-office support teams
    • Thrive with Mariner Wealth Advisors!
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