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Leverage Our Team to Help Differentiate Your Wealth Management Practice

You have plenty of options when deciding the type of firm that best fits the way they like to work with clients. In fact, advisors like yourself are reevaluating whether their current firm can provide the support they need today and into the future. They are also considering whether their current firm provides a value proposition that clearly defines how their services are different from competitors.

As the industry continues to evolve, clients will expect more from you when it comes to wealth planning and strategies for achieving their long-term goals. With Mariner Platform Solutions, you own your business, but we offer support related to designing wealth plans that include tax, estate, trust, investments and insurance strategies and solutions to help your clients meet their goals.

Benefits of Working with Mariner Platform Solutions

JoinMWA Cash Flow

Build and Grow Your Business

Our fee-for-service offering provides comprehensive support so you can spend more time growing your business and less time running it. We will also help you create an LLC, empowering you to own your business and enjoy financial control.

JoinMWA Advisors

Differentiate Your Practice

Leverage our team of industry leaders, resources, digital and growth strategies, coaching and best practices to help grow and differentiate your practice while collaborating with other advisors in the network to share best practices.

JoinMWA Collaberation

Holistic Planning

Providing you resources to go beyond the surface and evaluate a client’s complete financial picture, our advisory solutions teams of in-house professionals help you provide a plan that can include tax planning and preparation, insurance strategies, estate planning and more.

JoinMWA Retention

Maximize the Power of the Platform

From a robust technology stack, to marketing, compliance, proposal generation and financial plan creation, operations and practice management, you will have dedicated support across all functions to help ensure your business operations run smoothly.

JoinMWA Investments

A Variety of Investment Solutions

Access our professionally managed model portfolios, as well as equity, fixed income, options, direct indexing SMAs, and private investments to construct diversified client portfolios.

Support to Transition Your Business

As an independent advisor partnered with Mariner Platform Solutions, you’ll be surrounded by resources and support to transition your business and to help mitigate any disruption.

If you’re leaving a firm to start a new one or are ready to scale the business you have, we offer support in advance of joining Mariner Platform Solutions.

Our Advisors Say it Best

My affiliation with Mariner Platform Solutions allows me to deliver a boutique experience for my clients, serving as a true fiduciary, backed by institutional thought leadership and support.
Giti Khalsa, Founder, Pace Wealth Advisors

I could make more of an impact with my clients and pursue my business plan the way I wanted to, with a supportive team around me to help make it happen.
Lizz Schneider, Founder, Infinity Wealth Company

“I am able to help this family in ways I could have only imagined at my prior firms.
Rehan Chaudhry, Partner Advisor, AdvicePeriod

“My motivation to leave my firm was rooted in my belief that the old way of doing business would not work in the future.”
Dan Legault,
Partner Advisor, AdvicePeriod

Previous results or outcomes experienced by advisors are unique to those situations, and there is no guarantee of similar results or outcomes.

Is Mariner Platform Solutions Right for You?

What is MPS

Interested in enhancing your value proposition, client experience and providing yourself more time to focus on what’s most important to you…your clients? We can help!

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