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You’ve Planned for Your Client’s Future—What About Your Own?

If you’ve worked with the same clients for decades, it’s natural to be worried that they won’t receive the same level of care from someone else, so you may be putting off planning for the future. Or perhaps you don’t see yourself retiring anytime soon, or you’re just not sure how to value the full equity of your firm.

These thoughts often cause planning paralysis which could leave you and your clients without a back-up plan if something unexpected happens. In fact, one study noted that 73% of advisers lack a formal succession plan, and 40% of firm owners with assets of at least $500 million under management have no plan.1

Benefit of Having a Plan

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Minimize the Risk

With a plan in place, you lessen potential business disruption for your clients when you are ready to retire or should you need to retire sooner than expected.

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More Flexibility

If you plan ahead, you will likely have more favorable options when exiting your firm.

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Peace of Mind

If your client realizes you are near retirement and you communicate your continuity of service plan, it will boost their confidence in your long-term planning process.

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Expanded Services

Not only will a succession plan protect your clients’ legacies, but they will have access to our expanded solutions on day one.

We Can Help With a Seamless Transition

At Mariner Wealth Advisors, we have deep experience in acquiring advisor practices and have a defined process in place to assist wealth advisors like you. We realize the process can seem daunting and that’s why we make the transition easy for you and your clients, when you’re ready to sell your practice. Learn More About Our Transition Process

Have You Planned For Your Future?

According to “The Succession Challenge”, 73% of advisors lack a formal succession plan and 40% of firm owners with assets of at least $500 million under management have no plan. We’ve compiled the items to considering your business continuity. 

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Solo Wealth Advisor Successfully Sells Practice

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Read how Wayne Van Heuvelen, a solo wealth advisor, developed a succession plan for the successful practice he had ran for 24 years.

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1The Succession Challenge
2Succession Planning is About More Than Retirement

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