Resources Available for You & Your Clients

Access to Many Resources

You’ll have access to our tools and resources as well as to our highly credentialed advisors in locations across the country, all to help you expand your business and exceed client expectations.

Customized Services and Strategies

As a CPA Alliance partner, you’ll be able to collaborate with our in-house teams to offer your clients comprehensive wealth management services.

JoinMWA Investments

Investment Management

Developing a portfolio with proper diversification by leveraging experienced investment managers.

Tax Planning

Specialty Tax Services

Partnering with businesses and individuals to create financial strategies and offer advice designed to address tax concerns and facilitate opportunities for growth.

Insurance Solutions

Utilizing insurance to create strategies to help protect your clients’ assets and life.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Helping your clients track personal and business income and expenses while looking for planning opportunities.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer Planning

Ensuring your clients’ wishes and desires for leaving assets or a legacy are in place.

Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunities

Open architecture investment platform with access to alternative investment strategies.

Family Office

Family Office Services

Act as a family CFO by coordinating your clients’ family-related financial matters and facilitating meetings with generations of family members.

Business Succession

Business Succession & Valuation Planning

Helping entrepreneurs grow and transition their businesses and provide valuation reports.

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Mariner Wealth Advisors’ Alliance Program is designed to help you stay competitive while growing your firm.

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CPA Alliance

Expand your offering, be more competitive and extend client services.

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We will collaborate with you throughout the client’s relationship cycle, because we believe that tax and wealth management strategies should complement one another.

Brian Leitner, Head of Wealth Management, Chief Practice Management Officer of Mariner Wealth Advisors

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Managing Director,
Wealth Solutions
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Mariner Wealth Advisors does not provide all services listed in this piece. Some services are provided by affiliates and are subject to additional fees.