Why Partner With Us

Why Mariner Wealth Advisors

We are a nationally recognized, privately held wealth advisory firm.* Referral relationships are not new for us — we have participated in a referral partner program since our inception in 2006. We understand that a CPA doesn’t provide a referral lightly. It takes time to develop the partnership and build trust. The success of our Alliance Program is related to how we partner and collaborate with the CPA firm. We choose partners that share the same “client-first” mission to put our clients’ needs first in all we do.

Integrating Tax & Wealth Advice

Why Partner With Mariner Wealth Advisors

To attract and maintain clients, plus grow and scale your firm, it may be the right time for you to expand your offering. We believe in integrating tax and wealth management advice as part of a 360° plan for clients. You can count on our tenured teams to be very attentive to the tax implications related to the ongoing decisions your clients are making.

As our partner, you’ll have direct access to in-house teams including estate planning and trust services and insurance. As clients and prospects look to you for comprehensive wealth management services, you would be able to offer additional solutions, services and guidance on complex issues, such as estate and transition planning, wealth preservation strategies and tax advantaged charitable giving.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Mariner Wealth Advisors CPA Alliance Program can give you a competitive advantage. The trend of traditional CPA services merging with wealth management services is likely to grow in the years ahead. This partnership is designed to help you stay competitive while growing your firm.

Revenue Potential

When you partner with Mariner Wealth Advisors, you receive compensation for referring clients to our firm, which may create an additional, recurring income stream for your company, which, in turn, can enable you to reinvest in your firm’s growth.

Ready to Get Started?

We will collaborate with you throughout the client’s relationship cycle, because we believe that tax and wealth management strategies should complement one another.

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

Relationship Manager, CPA Alliance

*Mariner Wealth Advisors ranked in the top five RIA firms by Barron’s from 2016-2020. Barron’s awarded the 2020 #5, 2019 #4 and 2018 #3 Top RIA Firms rankings to Mariner Wealth Advisors based on data compiled for Mariner Wealth Advisors and the 2017 #2 and 2016 #1 rankings to Mariner Holdings based upon data compiled for Mariner Holdings’ registered investment adviser subsidiaries. The number of firms included in the rankings were: 20 (2016), 30 (2017), 40 (2018), 50 (2019) and 100 (2020). Barron’s publishes rankings based upon a number of criteria and the firms’ filings with the SEC were used to cross-check the data provided. The listing includes numbers of clients, employees, advisors, offices and state locations. The award is not indicative of future performance and there is no guarantee of future investment success. For additional information visit www.barrons.com.